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HTK - Mid-War Luftwaffe paint set - CS110


HTK - Mid-War Luftwaffe paint set - CS110

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Standard camouflage colors of Luftwaffe planes from 1941 till 1944

In early 1941 a new camouflage scheme of RLM 74+75/76 (with mottling in RLM 02, 70 or 74) was introduced onto Luftwaffe day fighters (the early scheme of RLM 70+71/65 remained in use on other aircraft types) and was widely used till gradual phase out in mid-1944. RLM 65 was officially kept as an additional color (or maybe a substitute for RLM 76).

Luftwaffe night aircraft initially wore a standard RLM 70+71/65 scheme, with temporary (and later permanent) black paint replacing RLM 65 on undersurfaces in 1940 and then becoming an overall color in early 1941. In 1942 the RLM 74+75/76 scheme was introduced onto night aircraft, later simplified to a combination of RLM 75 mottling over RLM 76 base, on some aircraft again with black undersides.

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