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HTK - Ukrainian AF paint set vol. 2 (Grey Pixel) - CS109


HTK - Ukrainian AF paint set vol. 2 (Grey Pixel) - CS109

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Standard colours of Ukrainian aircraft in grey pixel camouflage

After collapse of the Soviet Union the Ukrainian AF inherited a great number of combat aircraft, including Su-27s, Mig-29s, Su-24s and Su-25s of different age and condition. Ever since, the Ukrainian AF has been downsizing and trying to upgrade its forces.

Although most of the design bureaus specialized in combat planes stayed outside of Ukraine, it retained some very experienced repair plants, capable of modernizing the inherited inventory. Amongst the types that since 2010 have gradually re-entered service after some kind of modernization are MiG-29MU1, Su-25M1 (and two-seater Su-25UBM1), Su-24M, Su-24MR and L-39M1 trainers.

Majority of the modernized airframes, but also some only overhauled (not modernized) ones, wear a distinctive grey pixel camouflage.


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