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HTK - Modern Australian Army AFV paint set - CS108


HTK - Modern Australian Army AFV paint set - CS108

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Standard colours of Australian AFVs since 1950s

In 1967 the Australian Army introduced it's own variant of Olive Drab as a base colour of all vehicles. It was widely used till late 1980s and introduction of the Dispersal Pattern Camouflage (DPC) more commonly known as AUSCAM (gradually applied over the 1990s).

One of the exceptions was use of RAL6014 (original factory colour) on Leopard AS1 tanks since their delivery in 1976 till mid-1980s. Similarly their successors - M1A1 Abrams tanks - were delivered in original CARC Middle Stone and only later repainted to AUSCAM colours.

Although the latter is an official scheme of the Australian Army, the Regional Force Surveillance Group operating in North and West of Australia is allowed to use Pibara Brown as an alternative base / camouflage color.

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