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VMS - Smart Mud XL 2.0 200 ml


VMS - Smart Mud XL 2.0 200 ml

SMART MUD XL 2.0 allows you to create great looking terrain, without the base cracking or shrinking as it is with typical low-quality pastes. Our diorama paste is very easily shaped, allowing a lot of time before it dries up, and when it does it becomes rock solid as ceramic yet flexible thanks to proprietary reinforcing fibers included in the mix. Lightweight filler makes sure the diorama is not heavy as it is with plaster and can be easily taken to modeling shows. Grains mimic actual terrain so it's easy to achieve much desired realism. Proprietary "easy imprint" formula helps create realistic imprints of tracks which is unattainable with typical acrylic slurries available on the market. Probably the best modelling paste/clay out there! Please click the photo for a more detailed description. 

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