Camouflage Masking Putty - A001


Camouflage Masking Putty - A001

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We offer three different packaged Masking Putty's. The original was Panzer Putty, then came along MRP Masking Putty and Ammo by Mig Masking Putty. These are all the same products, a dilatant Silicone putty. So depending on who's we have in stock at the moment you might get one from any of the three companies. They all come in the same tin and are all 80g in weight.

Universal Masking agent for all genre and scales. Specially designed formula for multiple uses and easy clean up. Masking Putty easily conforms to all surfaces and details, allowing for both hard and soft edge camouflages. Masking Putty is specially designed to leave NO residue on surfaces. It is also very easy to remove. From camouflage patters both simple and complex, to practical applications such as masking canopies and road wheels, one of the most advanced masking options available.

Some of the characteristics of this putty is it changes its behavior depending on the force applied. With low force you can easily shape it. A Putty ball would bounce like a rubber ball, it will splinter when hit with a hammer and breaks smooth when ripped apart. It is not oily or sticky and does not dry and is therefore an ideal tool to airbrush patterns on your models. And not only once but many times.


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