VMS - Flexy 5K 20 gr Black Thin
  • VMS - Flexy 5K 20 gr Black Thin

VMS - Flexy 5K 20 gr Black Thin


VMS - Flexy 5K 20 gr Black Thin

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Company's favorite glue for cementing photo-etched parts, BLACK THIN variety (much lower viscosity than standard BLACK glue) for extra control and easy use. This CA glue forms flexible bond that withstands much more punishment than classic brittle CA. This essentially means less accidentally lost parts and more productive and enjoyable work as there is much less need to reglue vulnerable parts. Extended open time (150% the standard CA) allows for good positioning of the parts. You also will be able to glue tricky parts (both PS and metal) that produce tension. Flexy is less aggressive and more easily removed when necessary, it doesn't "eat plastic" as classic CAs


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