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Uschi - Leather Decals - 1021
  • Uschi - Leather Decals - 1021

Uschi - Leather Decals - 1021


5Uschi - Leather Decals - 1021


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12 leather textures in Red/Brown and Beige/Grey. Two sheets included, providing a nice selection of typical leather patterns.

UvdR opened the brand new Wingnut Wings Hansa Brandenburg W.12 and one of the first things they encountered was the seat as part of the interior. The manual mentioned that the seat has been made of leather instead of wood and this applies to the entire seat instead of just the cushion only.

As for application I can say that these decals work like the wood grain decals we have. Even the color of the basecoat is the same, which is a very light Brown. Actually it is White with a Brownish touch. Gunze´s Radome + white is just perfect. Colors like Buff, Desert Yellow, Sandy Brown, always with lots of White, also work just great. Any shading you apply by airbrush, will be visible through the decal, allowing you the application of light/shadow effects and depth.


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