MRP - RAF Dark Slate Grey - 117
  • MRP - RAF Dark Slate Grey - 117

MRP - RAF Dark Slate Grey - 117


30 ml Glass Bottles

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MR.PAINT is an acrylic color designed for spraying with your airbrush. The color is pre-thinned in preparation for immediate use. Mr. Paint is a new brand from Slovakia, founded and managed by the always helpful Mr. Rene Molnar. Beside its authenticity which is based on research and knowledge, the product features are absolutely amazing in terms of applicability as well. If you are used to Tamiya and Gunze/Mr. Hobby you will find that Mr.Paint colors enhance your capabilities, rather than reducing it like water based colors of several vendors. You don't have to learn a new science, you now have more "triggers to play with" while using your previous experiences. You are now about to enter the Ink-side of paints. Usually we have to deal with two main ingredients when it comes to a color: •Pigmentation •Carrier Medium Both are really important when we characterize a color. I will try to keep it simple and just focus on the reasons why it works so well: •-The carrier medium is super thin •-The pigmentation is super fine, delivering an extremely well coverage at the very same time. Why is that a good thing? Because a super thin carrier medium delivers an extremely good atomization while a proper pigment delivers the necessary coverage. This combination is leading to super soft edges and blending effects, reducing the amount of color required. Does that make sense? No? Ok, here we go: On a standard Acrylic Color you have quite a thick carrier medium which is something like an acrylic resin actually. This is the reason why you cannot shoot Tamiya or Mr. Color - type colors straight out of the bottle, expecting a soft blending paint jet. You need to thin it by like 30% at least in order to get a soft blending. That's not really a problem most of the time. It can be a big problem when it comes to paint schemes featuring a fine mottling though. My experience is, that Mr. PAINT´s colors makes tasks like this more easy. The greatest potential I see on preshading, postshading and blending effects. No thinners are required. The product is ready to use for application by airbrush.

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