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1/12 Comp. Carbon Fiber Decal Black on Pewter
  • 1/12 Comp. Carbon Fiber Decal Black on Pewter

1/12 Comp. Carbon Fiber Decal Black on Pewter


Carbon Fiber Twill Weave Black on Pewter Metallic


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The 1000 series carbon fiber decal is printed with a black twill weave pattern over a pewter metallic base. The black on pewter twill is the most widely used material in modern day race cars. Use carbon fiber twill weave for the following areas or components:

  • Body panels
  • Chassis components 
  • Suspension components
  • Engine components
  • Electrical systems 

In the modern day road car accessory components for dash and door panel inserts are very common items available from the automotive aftermarket. The Asian and European Tuner trend use unpainted, clear coated hood and body accent panels to set their cars off beautifully, as well as various engine components.

All our Composite Fiber Decal Sheets measure:

  • 7.25" tall x 4.875" wide or 
  • 184.14mm tall x 123.82mm wide

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