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Thunder - 1/35 WW II US Army VA1 Tractor - 35001


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During World War II Case produced more than 1,3 million howitzer shells, 200 sets of bomber aircraft wings, and 20000 specialized war tractors and engines. From 1941 to 1945 the factory built over 15000 special military tractors in roughly 40 variants, and over 4000 tractor engines for the U.S. Army and the Allies.

This kit is molded in gray styrene and presented on two parts trees plus a set of black silicon tires and a small fret of photo-etched parts. The kit features a nicely detailed four-cylinder Continental engine and drive train with the surrounding frame, operator's controls/seat, axles and wheels.

Markings and color profiles are provided for two examples, one USAAF airfield tractor and one civilian tractor.


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