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1/72 German Pz.kpfw KV-2 754( r ) Tank


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Produce at the same time in the M1941 KV-1 type, the KV-2( Also be called the year in M1941 KV-2 type) also threw in the production. The KV-2 characteristic is its quick-fried tower shape. The quick-fried tower that equip 152 millimeters of howitzers reports the hexagon keeps the square form, resembling an enormous box. One of the (sturm) Panzerkampfwagen KV-II 754(r) of Panzerkompanie(z.b.v.)66 with the commander'S cupola of a Panzerkampfwagen III G/IV EE and stowage racks for the 152mm ammunition on the rear hull.

Item No 07266
Item Name German Pz.kpfw KV-2 754( r )tank
Scale 1:72
Model Brief Length: 102.8mm Width: 46.3mm Height: 48.3mm
Total Parts 93pcs
Total Sprues 6pcs
Paint Schemes German ARMY
Released Date 2007-12
More Features The kit consists of 89 parts in light grey plastic with one set of
full length vinyl tracks


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